could you survive a zombie outbreak

you have to be smart and hardcore to pass my quiz and if you have the guts to take this quiz then come try it and if there is a zombie outbreak then you will be ready

are you good enough to pass but tell the truth so if you can beat a zombie outbreak you will know for shore so TELL THE TRUTH!:( have fun dying ha just kidding

Created by: d
  1. what firearm would you choose
  2. what melee weapon would you choose
  3. how strong are you
  4. how many friends do you have
  5. do you have a large family
  6. would you save someone if you die afterwords
  7. can you take emotional pain
  8. can you take physical pain
  9. would you be willing to kill a loved one if they were a zombie
  10. do you know how to use a gun

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