Zombie survival test

My quiz is about if a zombie outbreak ever happened, then you will take this test to see if you have the skill to survive! This is a great and fun test and i reccomend it to anyone!

Do you have what it takes to survive an infected outbreak? If you think so, test your mind in this quiz and really see what it takes to become a hardcore zombie killer.

Created by: XTreme
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  1. Ok. There has been an infection causing almost all people in the world to become a zombie. Who do you get to survive with you.
  2. Alright, you have your teammates with you. Where do you go?
  3. On your way to the safe house, you see a gun shop. You go and raid it. What do you pick up?
  4. you get to your safehouse when you see a tank (A huge muscular zombie with lots of health) standing in your way. You...
  5. You spend the night there and in the morning you wake up to a noise banging on the front gate. You will...
  6. You have run out of supplies. You...
  7. Oh yah by the way, how strong are you?
  8. as your scavenging for supplies you see a hourd of zombies coming your way. You...
  9. You find a bite wounded outsider what do you do?
  10. The apocolypse is over but you realize all your teammates have become infected, you...

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