Zombie Survival, Defense and Knowledge Test

A zombie outbreak could happen anytime. With modern medical advances and technology climbing, do you have what it takes to eliminate the threat or at least survive it? See how far you might get in the event of a outbreak...

A zombie outbreak could happen anytime. With modern medical advances and technology climbing, do you have what it takes to eliminate the threat or at least survive it? See how far you might get in the event of a outbreak... and don't cheat!

Created by: John

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  1. In the event of an outbreak in your area, what is the first thing you should do?
  2. After you have carried out the action you designated in question 1, what should your second course of action be?
  3. You're creating an outbreak plan, and in this plan are some vital decisions for surviving. Where are you deciding to go to survive this outbreak?
  4. Assuming the place you decided to go, in question 3, has a city or a town, where should your "safe-house" be during this outbreak?
  5. How many people are you going to be taking with you (if any at all) based on your answer to questions 3 and 4?
  6. What are your opinions on taking an animal (such as a dog) with you?
  7. If you own a vehicle or you need to steal a vehicle, what kind do you get/have?
  8. With your plan completed and in hand (if you made one), your group assembled and ready (if you gathered one) and your safe-house in mind, what is your next course of action once you reach your safe-house?
  9. Once you finished the course of action in question 8, what should you do next?
  10. And your next course of action?
  11. Your final course of action now?
  12. Assuming your heading out for supplies, what should you make your first priority? In other words, what are the most important things to get?
  13. After you get the supplies in question 12, what are you going to get?
  14. And now what are you getting?
  15. Assuming your fortifying your safe-house, what should you be doing?
  16. If you only had a minimal amount of time to barricade, what should you barricade first?
  17. If you had enough time for one more thing, what should you barricade?
  18. Now that you have taken care of everything in questions 1-17, let's just assume that its nightfall and the zombies are beginning to awaken and roam aimlessly around. They find your safe-house and manage to break through your barricades. What weapons are you using to defend?
  19. Assuming you run out of ammo or a weapon breaks, what should your secondary defence be?
  20. Assume you're in a close combat situation with a group of 3 or 4 zombies, and you have nowhere to run. You're out of ammo and you can only use a melee weapon. You reach into your belt, what do you pull out?
  21. When you went out for supplies you picked up some protection as well. What are you (and your group, if any) wearing?
  22. You manage to fight off the first wave of zombies and your safe-house is badly damaged, to no repair – at least not at night-time. Now you have to think on the spot. You need to get away from the area fast, because another horde of zombies is coming and you can hear them through the wind. You can't possibly mobilize everyone fast enough. Who do you leave behind assuming you can take everyone except for one category below?
  23. Your fleeing in the car when you realize one of the people your taking with you (either he was in your group or you found him on the way) has been bitten. He may not be infected however. What do you do?
  24. Now your car is out of gas, and there aren't any vehicles around. Zombies are closing in, but the highway is close. If you run you can get somewhere... you realize you need to leave the city. There are just too many zombies in the area. You need to travel as fast as you can so what is the best method for travel?
  25. Now assume your car is not out of gas and you managed to get away from the zombie attack in the city. You follow the highway until you come to a stronghold (perhaps an old military base) with people moving around inside. It is a human settlement! What do you do?
  26. Assuming you end up in the stronghold one way or another and you discover it is a resistance group, do you join? Or do you go your own way?
  27. Now it's time for some general knowledge about zombies, survival and defense. Firstly, what is a zombie?
  28. What is the zombie affliction that infects people called?
  29. What's the easiest, most efficient way to destroy a zombie?
  30. How far can you run at one time, without stopping?
  31. Can the zombie affliction infect animals as well as humans?
  32. Is the affliction curable?
  33. During an outbreak, with no where else to turn, where is the best place to be during a night-time zombie attack?
  34. How old are you?
  35. (an aesthetic question) What are your opinions on the government decision to use nuclear technology and country-wide bombing to destroy entire cities and populations in an effort to kill an outbreak of zombies?
  36. (an aesthetic question) And finally, did you enjoy this zombie survival, defense and knowledge test?

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