Would You Survive a Zombie Attack?

It is inevitable. One day the undead will walk the earth. They will feed on the still-living. Only the ones with knowledge and skill will be able to survive The nightmare that is the army of zombies.

Would you survive a zombie outbreak? Would you become food for the zombies? Or would you become a member of the undead? Take this basic zombie survival test to see how you would fare.

Created by: Nick
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  1. The zombies are here. You have to grab your supplies, gather your weapons, and get the hell outta there! What vehicle do you take?
  2. You need a gun, and you only have time to grab one. What type do you grab?
  3. You need a place to rest for the night after a long day of hiding from zombies. Where do you go?
  4. How do you "kill" a zombie?
  5. How many people should travel with you when you're on the run?
  6. How athletic are you?
  7. What type of clothes should you wear in a zombie crisis?
  8. Your best friend is bitten by a zombie. You...
  9. YOU get bitten by a zombie. You...
  10. You need to raid a store for supplies. You and your crew...
  11. While raiding the store, what type of food would you grab?
  12. You find a building that you think would make a good fortress. It has a running source of water and electrical power. What is the FIRST thing you do after clearing out the zombies inside?
  13. What experience do you have with automatic weapons?
  14. What is the best close-combat weapon against a zombie?
  15. What is your main goal in a zombie outbreak?

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