Would you survive a Zombie Attack?

Zombie. That word brings fear to some and exitement to others. Even though they are fictional, one must always be prepared in case the unimagianeable happens.

Do you have the skill and know how to survive a zombie attack, or are you a lamb in a world of wolves? Take this quiz and find out sucka. Or better yet, don't take this quiz and be totally unaware how skillful you are when an attack does come.

Created by: amazon
  1. If a nationwide edidemic broke out and masses of zombies started coming out of everywhere, where would you take refuge?
  2. Given a choice of weapons, which one would best suit your needs?
  3. If you were cornered by 10 slow zombies without a weapon, you would....
  4. There are quite a few abandoned vehicles in the street, which one would you grab?
  5. You see a zombie attacking someone you really hate, you would...
  6. You run into the x-men, but can only take one with you, who do you take?
  7. If found in a hardware store and got attacked, which tool would you use?
  8. Once aquiring a flame thrower, what would be your line just before you used it to shoot out 30 foot flames?
  9. If you could bring back one person from the dead to help you fight zombies who would it be?
  10. How much experience do you have with zombie like people?
  11. What is your skill with improvised weapons?

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