zombie survival

there are several thousands of people.some are to stupid to tie there own shoe.some are complete geniuses.none of that matters in the land of the dead.find out if you would survive a zombie attack.

if the undead took over the world,what would you do?take this simple quiz now.lets see if youd a the wandering zombie.maybe you will.OR...maybe youll survive and live to prosper.or not.lets find out now.

Created by: The Geek

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  1. situation one: you turn on the tv and see that zombies are feeding on the flesh of the living.what do ya do?
  2. situation 2:10 days into the attack,assuming your still alive,you find a father and his 16 year old daughter.the dad is bit,what do you do?
  3. situation 3: your friend breaks his leg,and cant walk without your support,and the undead are moving in.what do you do?
  4. situation 4: you find a man.you know he is an escaped convict,captured for murder,but he seems stable and is a friend of yours.what do you do?
  5. situation 5: you have a pistol a full clip(13 shots),an axe,and two moltoves.somone calls for your help,you notice they are being chased by 12 undead,what do you do?
  6. situation 6: your low on food,ammo,and need medical supplies.you are in front of a grocery store,what do you do?
  7. situation 7: which is better? peanut butter, or a steak?
  8. situation 8: youve been bitten,what do you do?
  9. situation 9: the one you love the most is bitten,what do you do?
  10. situation 10:theres a heli copter able to take you to a island with no infection.but there is only room enough for you,or the one you love most.what do you do?

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