will you survive a zombie attack

there are some people that can survive and some cant the ones that can are good survivers the ones that cant well ther not that good at all.if you did good try taking other peoples quizes if not dont even bother there is no point.

can you survive take this quiz and see.until now you only wonder but now you dont,take this quiz and in a few minutes you will know if you can survive a zombie attack .

Created by: gibo1996
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  1. how many zombie films have you seen
  2. if there was an out break wear would you go
  3. your favorite weapon
  4. have you got a fire arm
  5. have you fired a gun
  6. whats a melee weapon
  7. if your freind gets bit what do you do
  8. if a herd of flesh eating zombies (500-1000) were serounding you and you had 1 round left what do you do
  9. have you ever played a zombie game
  10. are you scared of death
  11. are you scared of zomies
  12. wich is the easiest to kill a person
  13. if you had a 2 persond viehicle and there was 4 peaple which 1 would you take

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie attack