How Would You Survive a Zombie Attack?

Zombies have just sprung up in your home town, and possibly, the rest of the world. How prepared are you? Maybe not as prepared as you think... Do you have it all planned out? Are your plans flawed? Take this test and find out just how well you will survive.

If you are ready for a zombie attack, then, good on you. If you really aren't then take this and learn from it. If you think you are... Take this anyway. You may be unpleasantly suprised... And if you are currently taking this test whilst a zombie is attacking you... Then you REALLY should have taken the before...

Created by: Psykie

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  1. You hear a broad cast on the TV or radio a report about zombie sounding people roaming the streets. Do you...
  2. A zombie manages to get into your house! You are standing in the living room, when it walks in. Around you is: a telephone; a phone book; a cup of coffee; and a glass coffee table. What do you do?
  3. You manage to get out of your house and there are a few zombies outside. They notice you! Luckily, there are a few open cars with the keys still in them. There is also your car, to which you have the key. Although, you drive a normal, small car.
  4. You make it to your friends house. His house is till locked and secured, and you can see that he has barricaded it, and it is quite secure. There are a few zombies in the street, but they are paying little attention to you. You know in case of zombie emergencies, that your friend has a secret hole in his roof for access. Do you?
  5. You are driving around, possibly with your friend from the previous question. You find a group of other people also in cars, and you decide to drive to a safe area and set up camp. You choose?
  6. You reach a gun, hunting and sports supply shop. There is a lot of possible weapons here. What do you use?
  7. The group you are with, that was chosen by you can be described as:
  8. One of your companions gets bitten or infected somehow. What do you do?
  9. You need to get some food before you barricade up. Where do you go?
  10. When do you travel? If ever?

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