Zombie Attack Part 2

After the adventures of the zombie attack part 1. His adventure continues. This time with a planned escape route to get out of the city. But will things take a agressive turn for the worst.

Take control and help him to get through. Find out at the end if you had what it took to survive the zombie attack. Or will you die on the streets like the zombie that is hunting you down.

Created by: DragonW@rrior
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  1. The sun is high in the sky and the stentch from the street is reaking into the windows. You wake to find Dale looking out the window at a bloody corpse on the porch. A blood trail leads of the back and onto the lawn. It looks like this person didn't make it.
  2. After breakfast Yo Dale and Milley set out further into the suburbs. Suddenly your mobile rings. You are unable to reach it in time. It was a private number.
  3. Eventually you manage to ring the number. It's your wife, she's being taken evac out into the country side. Before you can try to get a answer you hear a bone chilling rip of flesh and scream.
  4. Before the phone can even hang up a zombie grabs you by the back of the neck with both hands and tries to bite you.
  5. Dale smashes the zombies off with a quick kick. And smashes it's face in with a crowbar. That moment you realise that you left your Shotgun&Pistol back at the house you were staying in the night before. More zombies are aware to position, and it looks like thety're blocking your route.
  6. Despite your efforts the blood thirsty zombies start to gain ground. You run and realise that Milley (Dale's 6yr old Daughter) Can't run due to the deep cut in her leg!
  7. Despite your efforts the zombies are quickly on top of her. All you hear is flesh ripping in the moment and zombies feasting on her alive. You are forced to move on. Soon you arrive at a pawn shop.
  8. After a bit of searching you find two guns and 2 usable melee weapons. Dale wants a gun and weapon too.
  9. After lots a bit of arguing on choices you are forced to go with the Python & Machete. Soon you have to choose what else to take with you.
  10. After choosing what you want to bring you see Dale breaking down by a window. You sit down and says he can't do it anymore without Milley
  11. Soon Dale gets a hang of himself and decides to leave. According to the map there is a port aboutu 3km down the road. He says that we could take a boat further South.
  12. After debating it you decide that we need supplies before we are going to be able to a boat. Part of thoughs would be fuel food and water. Not to think Weapons.
  13. You decide to split up. Soon he is out of site and you are heading towards the nearest petrol station. A small herd of infected start to charge at you.
  14. You quickly slice of the heads of those walking boneracks. You take pleasure in shooting them in the head. You make your way towards the peotral station. ZOOM a bullet comes out of nowhere
  15. After just managing to take cover you deside the only thing to do is negoate.
  16. The shooter eventually agrees to let you be inspected. Two people come out armed with vicious melee weapons. They force you to strip down and prove you have not been infected. They suddenly push you over and open fire. A large horde is coming
  17. They eventually manage to smash down all of the zombies. They turn they're attention to you.
  18. They say that you can stay with them tonight. You will do a mission for them tomorrow for all you can do is sleep. And dream about killing zombies! :)

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