zombie attack part 3

Come and try the 3 part of the zombie attack. After spliting up he must take on not only zombies. But a hostile survivor group. And maybe even get some new allies in the process.

If you don't know this is a three part series so check out zombies attack 1 and 2. And more come out. By the way good luck with scraping your way out alive.

Created by: humfry

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  1. Waking up at the petrol station is horrible. You barely got any sleep last night and most of all. You got to do the stupid surivivors that mission. Suddenly one of them tells you to get up and report to their leader.
  2. Their leader is a tall Torres Straight Islander. He introduced himself as Reaper and imformed you that you are going to have to steal from the group of survivors could the Doomsday, he said that you can take one person to go with you.
  3. Reaper tells you that you have to take Haly with you. His cousins daughter. She is barely 18.
  4. He tells that she needs to get used to zombies. He tells you that you need to report back to get those supplies with her alive. He tells Haly to pick a weapon.
  5. Reaper allows Haly to take the a sniper with a silencer. He also gives you back Python and Machete. You set off and it is a boring walk.
  6. Before you can even start talking you see zombies in the distance.
  7. She takes aim down the barrel and is a surprisingly good shot. Almost makes you jealous.
  8. As you continue is becomes apparent that you are being watched. You figures always moving in your peripheral vision.
  9. A bullet flies over your head and hits a public trash can. A strange looking guy dressed up like a terrorist comes out from behind the curve. He is from Doomsday
  10. He points his gun and opens fire. Luckily none of the bullets hit you or Haly. Haly shoots one shot out of the Sniper Rifle the attacker falls to the ground.
  11. Searching the body you find a Ak-47 Haly insists that you take it.
  12. You decide to take under Haly's. Carrying on you realise that the noise had not only attracted zombies but more DoomsDay Members.
  13. Haly suddenly grabs you by the arm and tells you to follow her. Circling the zombies you both lead them towards the Doomsday Members. They didn't stand a chance. Soon they turn towards you.
  14. Firing like hell you both make your way towards the Doomsday Hideout. You quickly gather up all you can and manage to get out.
  15. You make your way back to the petrol station and lay the supplies on the counter. Reaper gives you both a pat on the back and asks. What do you want the fuel for.
  16. He frowns at your answer and asks what you really want the fuel for. You blurt out the dock and your friend Dale. Then it comes apparent. The boat leaves in 20min.
  17. They recommend trying to hotwire a car. They eventually get it done after what seams forever. After you jump in and rev the car to full boar.
  18. You drive through lots of roads avoiding cars and reving over zombies. Once you arrive at the dock you spot dale on a small boat.
  19. Dale smiles and tells you to chuck the fuel on board. After he lets out a demon like chuckle.
  20. Dale cries "You thought that I would let a puny person like you on the boat. Your just a pawn buddy, I will find a place and I will be the hope of the world.
  21. Dale looks at you as you shed a tear. Suddenly you hear a bang and a sting in your shoulder. Then a wet senstation all over your body. Then you hear bullets penetrating the water. Next thing you see is black.

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