How Likely Are You Going to Survive a Zombie Apocalyspe

There are many people who think they know alot about the zombie apocalypse and zombies and blah blah blah,but i have looked up alot of stuff and made this test to see if you can survive(keep in mind this is only part 1 of the test i will make part 2 some time later)

Now are you willing to take the test? or to afraid of the results or to lazy to go through the questions? or do you basically just think you know what to do and not feel like taking 5 minutes out of your day to prove your self

Created by: Sean
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Kind of Area Do You Live In?
  2. What Is Your Body Type?(be honest or your just screwing your self)
  3. How Long Can You Run Without Stopping
  4. Where Do You Plan On Setting Up a "Base Camp"
  5. Do you have a B.O.B?(bring out bag)
  6. What Do You Think? Can Zombies Swim?
  7. If you Are Traveling How Do you Plan On Doing That
  8. How fast could you get a gun as soon as you hear there is an apocalypse
  9. Whats the Longest amount of time you have ever stayed up without sleep?
  10. Now,How Long did you sleep after that?
  11. What is the longest amount of time you went with no or little food(be serious here little food is one meal a day NOT a big meal)
  12. How Many People Do You Plan On Being With?
  13. Can you do park-our? (be serious climbing over a 5ft wall isn't park-our)
  14. Have You ever Been in jail?
  15. How Likely are you to run if you see zombies?
  16. How loud can you yell/scream?
  17. What Kind of Gun CAN you get your hand on?
  18. Do you think the zombie apocalypse will be like Left 4 dead 1 or 2?
  19. Do you think a zombie apocalypse could happen over the next few years?(no effect on score)
  20. Can you Build things?

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Quiz topic: How Likely am I Going to Survive a Zombie Apocalyspe