ZoMbIe OutbREAK Quiz

There are the people who place zombie killing games and there are the people that actually think about the ways you can kill an actual zombie the people that play games probably won't survive bu the people who think hard enough most likely will

Can YOU survive?Will you survive?Who will ever know? No one will, untill after they take The ZoMbIe OutbREAk Quiz. So the main questions are Who will survive and who can survive

Created by: manslaughter
  1. You are at the bar gettin drunk when the waiter opens the door for a customer,the customer is moaning like crazy and attacks the waiter.Your only option ESCAPE THE BAR!
  2. You look out the window and you see a lot of zombies knockin on it as they try to break in.What do you do?
  3. You found a handgun in the staff room with enough ammo to kill about 10 zombies.Do you
  4. You Got on the rooftop and you saw some of the workers trying to hold off a group of infected.What do you do
  5. You find a ladder and let the remaining workers go down before you.When you get on the street you come to find a horrifying scene of dead corpses laying everywhere, You were afraid that some of the dead bodies weren't really dead.
  6. You escaped most of the infected but there were still some roaming on the streets, You came to a street that had lots of infected and you were almost out of ammo but you saw a gasoline truck and a lighter right beside it.
  7. You finally found your house and you remembered that you had some guns and lots of ammo for them in your house
  8. You went into town and killed lots of zombies but noticed you were running out of ammo
  9. You found a survivor hold-out at a grocery store and they needed help
  10. There was an anouncement on the radio sayin that the military was in the town and killing the infected
  11. All the infected were killed and the town was back to normal and they were getting everything back up and stable

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