How would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

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This quiz will tell you how you would survive in a zombie apocalypse. It does not focus on zombies, rather, it focuses on you. Answer as honestly as you can. Good luck!

Will you become a zombie's pre-meal? Will you become one of the undead? In how long? What would you do first? Would you become a zombie master? Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Justin
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  1. You wake up one morning, turn on the TV, and see a breaking news report about a zombie outbreak nearby. What do you do?
  2. You have all the information about the outbreak that you want. What next?
  3. You flip on the radio, and a report tells you that the outbreak has reached your town. What do you do now?
  4. Regardless of whether you wanted to or not, you are on the highway with some friends, and a car full of supplies. You see that the road ahead is blocked, and people are forced to go on foot from now on. What do you and your friends take?
  5. After travelling on foot for many hours, the sun is beginning to set. You and your friends have to find a place to stay the night. Your group comes across an abandoned farmhouse, a tree house 30 feet off the ground, an abandoned SUV (with very little gas) and an empty tent. Which do you choose?
  6. After a restless night, the sun finally rises. You and your friends make a chilling discovery when you guys see that sets of footprints are close to where you spent the night. The footprints have been dragged, so they obviously belong to zombies. What is your next move?
  7. After walking for a while, you and your friends suddenly notice that it is too quiet. The birds have stopped, even the flies seemed to have stopped buzzing. It is then that you hear the moan, but you don't know in which direction it came from. Where do you go?
  8. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you have a trigger finger) the moans stop. However, as you and your friends are leaving, you spot a zombie. Because you are holding a gun, and because you are scared, you shoot it in the stomach, and it goes down. Now what?
  9. After the unpleasant encounter, you and your friends move on, fully alert. After walking like this for a couple of hours, you come across another group of survivors. As they approach, you can clearly see that one of them has been bitten. The rest of the group leaves the person by a tree, and come up to you. You know what they want you to do, but what will you decide?
  10. Skip ahead to the end of the day. The sun is down, and you and your friends are deep in the woods. After building a fire, you are all huddled around it, contemplating about tomorrow. Your thoughts are interrupted, however, when you hear the moans. You glance up at the woods around you, and see dozens of zombies closing in! Your arsenal consists of a shotgun with 12 bullets, a machine pistol with 4 or 5 clips, a machete, and a Molotov cocktail. So, what's it gonna be?
  11. After much blood shed, you and your friends escape the swarm, but not without a cost. One of your friends was eaten, so now you are one person short, meaning less manpower. Still, you press on, foregoing sleep, and looking for a road. At about 3 a.m, you and your friends come across a small survivor camp. They are building wooden shelters, and ask for your help in return for protection. They add that you can sleep there for the night as well. So, what'll it be?
  12. Regardless of whether you wanted to stay or not, nearby moans make you and your friends decide to leave. You press on into the night, and as the sun rises, you find a highway. As you and your friends step onto it, you get the feeling of being watched. You suddenly realize that hundreds of zombies are closing in! Out of ammo from last night's incident, and out of energy from being awake for more than 24 hours, this looks like the end. You and your friends know that this is it. If you make it through this, you can survive anything. If not, better get used to being a zombie. Everything comes down to one ultimate decision. What is it?
  13. Looks like everything was a dream. But it was also a warning. If a zombie apocalypse was to occur, how would you measure up? This is the final question, but it can be a new beginning as well. What is your final answer?

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