will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

are you a complete fail when it comes to the zombie apocalypse? or are you going to survive? take this quiz and find out or take another quiz or not

take this quiz it r a zombie quiz k? i have to write like hi jibberishfor summary so im just gnna talk about random crap k? now im done bye alright

Created by: logan
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  1. you just woke up there is no one in your house you turn on your television the news comes on you see that there are zombies almost everywhere in your area what do you do?
  2. how much experience do you have with firearms?
  3. you need to leave your house and find somewhere to fortify where do you go?
  4. if you could only choose one survivor out of these which would you pick? (all of them have same amount of supplies and same weapons
  5. where do you live?
  6. how strong are you?
  7. how long can you run without stopping
  8. what is your knowledge of zombies
  9. if you are surrounded by a horde of zombies and only have a crowbar a grenade a shotgun with only 10 shells what do you do?
  10. hair length
  11. final question favorite zombie killing weapon (melee)

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie apocalypse?