What Role will you play In the Zombie Apocalypse

Take this Quiz and see if you will survive the inevitable Day of the Zombie if you take this quiz and survive a zombie apocalypse I expect a large check in the mail

If you are still reading this you are not very smart because I am only continuing writing this because I feel like it now go to the quiz i'm gonna stop writing now pretty soon right after this goodbye now......... hey your still reading bye.

Created by: Michael

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  1. You See your neighbor with blood and bodily fluids coming out of his mouth chasing a man down the street what do you do
  2. Another man is trying to break down your door he is in a similar state your neighbor is in what do you do
  3. What kind of shape are you in
  4. where do you live
  5. You See a small child in the street with a bite mark on his leg what do you do
  6. What kind of weapon do you own
  7. Do you have combat training
  8. Are you immortal
  9. do you wear a cowboy hat and gun holsters
  10. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: What Role will I play In the Zombie Apocalypse