Will you survive the zombies?

The fact that zombies could attack is actually a good fear. some people will be survivors when they do attack, others will die, others will die and then come back.

Would YOU survive the raid? Do you have the brainpower to survive? check your wits with this quiz and you'll find out, are you a survivor, a coward, a zombie, or zombie food?

Created by: zach
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  1. Ok, you hear news of zombies and you do wat
  2. watever you chose, your home now, wat do u do
  3. Now, you hear a pounding at the door and a lot of screaming, your options
  4. You hear a loud crash and when you look over at the window a zombie has fallen through
  5. Glad thats over arent you?
  6. now, the lady from before(you know the one screaming) is in your house what do you do
  7. She decides to go take a nap and says to get her up for guard duty when needed, if you told her to isolate you, she doesnt, its her turn for duty, do u wake her
  8. Concidering wat you did, you hear a crash and the door flies open, A ZOMBIE! you both flee the building, now what?
  9. the zombies over whelm the lady and wrestle her to the ground you....
  10. Finally, the army comes and wipes out all the zombies insight, the lady didnt live, now wat

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombies?