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  • Your Result: Coward

    You hid long enough for the zombies to moan a little while (actually a long while) and for the army to march in and wipe em out. Now you can get together with the other survivors, probably not as many due to the fact that you didnt save any, and discuss the future for your little destroyed city.

  • The Survivor

    You can do it, you have the brains and the power to survive a zombie raid. Well, now you've survivored, you can now settle down with the other survivors of the raid and discuss a good way to fix the town and how to use the zombies that didnt die as effective as possible. GOOD LUCK!


  • The survivor, I do have good survival skills and common sense knowledge alot. I would work alone so no one can slow me down or risk me of dying as much then. Cool quiz mate.


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