How Long Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Okay first off this test is to see if you will survive a zombie apocalypse or if you'll end up as zombie food. You don't want to be zombie food! Okay? Good luck.

-Just to fill in- I made this because I am a huge Call Of Duty zombies fan. Kino der Toten being my most favored map out of all. But anyways you should test yourself and see if you'll survive.

Created by: Dbradley_2002

  1. Okay, I'm going to give you some scenarios with options to choose from. Ready?
  2. It's the beginning of the end of humanity, the thing we all fear... zombies. What weapon will you take?
  3. There is a group of zombies just ahead of you, and there is no way around them. You...
  4. Okay, you find a military radio and overhear about survivors in a nearby location. You...
  5. You hear a noise come from a nearby building, do you check it out? Or do you quietly pass by? (Mind that it may be survivors)
  6. You're hungry and need to find food fast! What do you search for?
  7. Now you've become mighty thirsty. Find some water!
  8. You stumble upon a survivor! He/she asks to come with you.
  9. Oh no, you've been bitten by a zombie on the arm! You...
  10. You see a formation of Apache helicopters headed your way. You need to signal to them. Choose one of four options to gain their attention to you.

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