Zombie Stamina Test

Many people think they can survive a zombie apocalypse, but its not all about strength. There are many tough decisions to be made, and many consequences.

What will you choose? will you be the good-spirited leader? the self-important overlord? Or are you just simply not ready for the choices? or maybe you are the opposite of ready...

Created by: kantuno
  1. You are in control of 5 soldiers, heading into a city to extract a civilian group from the hospital in the center of the city. The truck reaches its destination, only to find the hospital under siege. The zombies are in the 1st floor, and the people on the roof. Building is 15 stories.
  2. Say you rescued all the civilians, and are going back to the extraction camp. One of the civilians, a father, is bitten. His child and wife are there with him. No one else has noticed the bite.
  3. Across the continent, there is another man holed up in a ranch-style farmhouse. He has provisions for 2 years of survival. A small family wants to enter the home, which would eat up supplies quicker.
  4. Zooming back to the military, you reach the extraction camp. It is looted and sacked, with a few people staying behind and stealing guns. They are thieves and murderers.
  5. Backtrack. In the city there is a carpenter who has his house just outside of the downtown area boarded up so well, it appears there are no windows at all. His predicament is only having enough canned food and bottled water for 3 days.
  6. The carpenter finds 6 weapons; which does he take?
  7. Forward, the caravan moves through the evacuation site, and reaches another one. This one is operational. There is only enough gas for one more trip though; who goes?
  8. The helicopter flies off. Assuming you didn't go. You sit in the campsite when it is over-run by the zombie hordes. You and 3 others are backed up in a bathroom. The walls are concrete however; and the door metal. There is one window, big enough to just weasel through.
  9. You and only you escape because of a skirmish outside, You can run one of these ways;
  10. Last question. By some miracle you escape and reach an airport. You are sure to die in this world, so where do you go to die?

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