Zombie survival quiz part one:Your fort

The zombie outbreak has happened. The undead are everywhere. They are growing in number by the minute. All of your friends and family may be dead. Will you join them? Or will you...survive?

Hello, this is the first part of my zombie survival quiz. This part will let you know if your house is fit for the task of protecting you and repeling the zombies that want your flesh. You yourself may be a master at killing zombies, but that means nothing if the zombies can get you in your own home. To those of you who have prepared your home properly, I salute you. To those that haven't, may your death be quick and your time as a zombie short.

Created by: Lloyd
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  1. Where do you live?
  2. How secure is your house/appartment/trailer?
  3. How many weipons do you have in your house at all times?
  4. Do you have any thing that could block or seal off doors and windows?
  5. If zombies made it into your house could you seal them off from the rest of the house?
  6. How big is your house?
  7. How well maintained is your home?
  8. Do you keep any sort of medical aid kits in your house?
  9. How many people live with you?
  10. Do you get along well with the people you live with?
  11. Is your home well supplied?
  12. Where is your house located?
  13. Does your house contain a phone,T.V., radio, and/or computer?
  14. Does your house contain everything you need like a bathroom, kitchen, bed, and so on?
  15. Could your home support other survivers living with you?
  16. On a scale of 1 to 5 how well do you think your house is prepared to face and withstand a large zombie attack?

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