Zombie survival quiz

The zombies are comeing youve applied for a club and they give you a quiz will you be a newbie or will you get your Zombie survial master badge! Commander joe

Can you go up the zombie survival ranks and become a zombie survival master and survive the zombies will you get the title of the zombie survival champion

Created by: joe
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  1. You vfound out on TV that the news saying about a zombie outbreak
  2. Youve found a wepon store what will you take
  3. You found a shop that sells melee wepons what will you take
  4. Youve got a c4 and a large group of zombies cornering you what do you do
  5. Have you used a wepon
  6. How many ways can you kill a zombie
  7. How many survivors would you have in your group
  8. What vechiles would you use to escape the country
  9. You Have got biten what would you do
  10. A nuke is comeing and rescue choppers are here what do you do
  11. Do zombies exist

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