Zombie Survival 101

This generation is waiting for a zombia outbreak, are you prepared? Are you going to be zombie chow? Or are you going to be the Zombie Slayer? Some people will die and others will live, but with an 80% survival rate what will you fall into?

Zombies? Kill them with a head shot, make a plan for your succes, what do you know about zombies? Take this quiz on zombies to find out your true zombie survival chances.

Created by: Mr. Giggles

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  1. A hobo bites a man and the scientists say a cannabilist disease may be going around, u:
  2. In the middle of the night you hear crashing and hear sloppy footsteps coming towards your roon; how long does it take for you to grab a gun?
  3. The disease has spread and you can no longer live in your own house, where is the next place you go to?
  4. The next few questions are goonna be based off your physical abilities, rate your self, 1 being super human and 6 being the Mcdonalds poster child
  5. How much weight can you bench?
  6. How far can you jog without stopping?
  7. Do you know how to effectively shoot a gun?
  8. What If: You have a motorcycle and theres a group of people begging for a ride, u?
  9. You've been bitten, in a close up melee fight with a zombie:
  10. A group of people are asking for your help, they have asked for food and supplies, you?
  11. Would you even have a group?
  12. Your best friend has been shot, what do you do?
  13. What type of body do you have?
  14. How often do you get sick?
  15. Whats something you could never live without?
  16. Can you swim?

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