Real Zombie Survival Part II

The sequel to Real Zombie Survival is here. Now it is the year 2038(though you say its 2026 which will be the prequel but still what do I know, I'm typing the next quiz)and this time it doesn't have a happy ending. This quiz puts you in 1st person for half of it.

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz. Besides this just skips to the outbreak. No plan. No "how fit are you" questions, just the outbreak. So just take the quiz.

Created by: Tchaicosvksy

  1. The 1st outbreak in Afghanistan is now moving east. The Russian Federation is under attack. From New York you...
  2. This time the zombies are slower but smarter. And are in coerce with zombie samurai, zombie knights, zombie hippies.
  3. Your car options are limited to; an Audi RS4, an Adventador, and an Aston Martin 1-77 each car has specific weapons. You choose the...
  4. 1-77 has a flamethrower and dual AK47s, the Adventador has chainsaws, and the RS4 has landmines. Now which car?
  5. Anyway, half way there, in France you see some zombies, now what? Lead them to the top of the Eiffel Tower or lead them into the lake.
  6. No matter what, you push them off and their blood falls on their soil, plus the knights are after you, now it's 4:12 p.m, might as well use the...
  7. Now in Ukraine,( near the Russian Fed. ) the Ukrainian army is outnumbered along with the Chinese army, and a neutron bomb detenator is near a zombie. This question has no answers its just a debrief.
  8. The US army shows up only to realize Russia's----- lost connection. WE'RE BEHIND YOU! Australia--- quiz taker RUN!!!!!
  9. You lost them. Hopefully for--- lost connection. AGAIN!!! RUN!! IDIOT!!! RUN!!!
  10. You're probably tired of running so I placed an Aptera at The Pa------ Lost Connection
  11. Cific, Pacific Ocean. Hurry! Before we lose connection.--- Connection Eradicated.
  12. Journal Entry #1 I'm still alive somehow. It's been 4 years since the outbreak. I mean 2026! I can't get a break-k-k. Man, its chilly in h-h-here
  13. Dear Notebook, Paris is back. I don't see any zombies. Whoa- what the? 2:00 a.m. Abducted by some zombies in a 1978 Datsun.
  14. Notebook, I managed to escape. I've found a Kawasaki. Now what gun am I getting?
  15. Okay now I'm getting a melee weapon. All I have is a crappy, yet sharp stick, karambit, bayonet, and a cool, yet blunt stick
  16. Now I can go to 6 places; Beijing, New York, Vienna, Volograd, Havanna, and Quito. The question is: Where?
  17. Okay, from Scotland, I shall hike until I go to wherever I said (My memory is foggy today). I'm here and I found survivors. I count at least 200,000. God you are the best.
  18. Turns out they're zombies. But later that day I met a survival group of 7,750,000 million soldiers who I checked and I invite to my group. Now to obliterate the zombies in...
  19. Now first, I need to destroy the generator. Which one? They are rated from most powerful to least but wider effect.
  20. Wait a second, it's 2026 didn't the last quiz take place in 2027? Oh wait, scratch that. It's 2038 I forgot to flip my calender.
  21. Anyways, I've defeated all the zombies. Yes,sir. They're won't be anothe-. What was that? EARTHQUAKE!!

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