zombie survival quiz

This is a quiz to see how long I would alow you in my team if there's a zombie outbreak it all depends on you and your choices. Keep in mind I highly doubt it'll really happen and don't take it too seriously

Ok well keep in mind GhostkillaACR98 is an auto part of my team not only do we work well together we are also from the same country and at a time we were in the same school so he is my NR2 point blank

Created by: L4ZYSN1P3R

  1. We are a team of 4 choose your gun
  2. Once again we are 4 people 3 of us raid a store I tell you to be our look out on an adjacent roof. I give you a sniper rifle what is your reaction?
  3. We sit around a camp fire we each bring up a single problem we should plan ahead for which would you put out there for us?
  4. If we were to fortify a postion for say a week to recover from injuries and restock where would you suggest we do it?
  5. We're camping out some other survivors try to steal our supplies we capture them what would you do?
  6. What vehicle would you rather use
  7. We found 4 rabbits in our snares what do you say we do with them?
  8. We strike gold and find a herd of deer we all sit down and decide how we handle the situation your opinion is?
  9. Its been a few days we're running low on supplies we find a small town with a small store what do you run for first?
  10. If you could take one small reminder with you to remind you of a time before zombies which of these would it be?
  11. Do you do as your told?
  12. We run out of ammo which of these do you use?

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