Zombie survival pro or Zombie bait?

I created this quiz because many of the other zombie quizzes are sub par. This is the one true survival quiz and doing well on it guarantees that you would endure the real thing.

I accept no liability if you die in a zombie outbreak including if you have scored 100 on this quiz, your friend scored well and instructed you what to do, etc. Good luck

Created by: Martimus
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a fat slob or in decent shape?
  2. Best anti zombie gun ( primary weapon )
  3. What skill set do you fall into?
  4. Do you own a gun
  5. You are totally and utterly unprepared, and the zombies are at your door....
  6. Best remote area for long term survival
  7. Your super hot girlfriend/boyfriend who always has been at your side and has already saved you life multiple times gets bit. What do you?
  8. Last question. Who would your ideal survivor partner be?
  9. Sorry I need 12 question. What would your secondary weapon be?
  10. Your ideal survival transportation would be a?
  11. This question is to determine your general survival knowledge and has nothing to do with zombies. A 50 year old man can last how long in what degree water?

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