Are you ready for the Zombies?

Many say there will be a zombie apocalypse, will there? And if so, are you ready, or would you die in the first wave of zombies? Only two ways to find out, TAKING THIS QUIZ, OR LIVING IT!

So, are you really ready? Be honest. Is your basement like fort Knox, or do you not even think about it? Well,if you want to get prepared, take this quiz, then go make a Zombie Survival Kit!

Created by: Isaac
  1. Your ideal way of getting around, (that you actually could get your hands on) Be honest.
  2. Your ideal primary weapon...
  3. How many people with you?
  4. What would be you "HQ"?
  5. Your closest friend just got bit...
  6. You see other people!
  7. What would you wear?
  8. You can only have two companions...
  9. Would you always be on the move, state to state, maybe different countries?
  10. Honestly, how long, with only what you have in the room your in, would you last?
  11. What does it look like in you head?
  12. Will there be one

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for the Zombies?