Would you survive zombie apocalypse?

You probably have heard of zombies. You've probably seen scenes from walking dead. Apocalypse is something that wanders in all our minds. We think what we should do if it ever breaks out.

Are you possibly a survivor= Will you fight with the moral choices and the pressure under a huge amount of zombies? Thanks to this quiz, you'll get to know if you would survive or die!

Created by: moi
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  1. You hear from the news that zombie apocalypse has broken out and been verified. What do you do?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Do you have any guns?
  4. Do you have experience with guns?
  5. Are you willing to hunt?
  6. Do you have camping experience?
  7. Can you fish/build fishing rod?
  8. Where would you go and hide?
  9. What food would you take?
  10. Which weapon would you take?
  11. How strong is your moral compass?
  12. Are you willing to put down your family member/friend if needed?
  13. Where would you stay?
  14. Are you willing to kill someone?
  15. Would you join a 5 people survivor group?
  16. Do you have healthcare experience?

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