The Zombie Survival Quiz

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The zombie apocalypse is coming wether you like it or not. Your friends and family might turn on you and try to eat you for zombie supper. Not everyone can handle the immense pressure that will come.

So can you survive?! This quiz will test you on every decision! There isn't always one right answer, or even a right answer at all. Sometimes you have to take the best of a bad situation.

Created by: Sean H

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  1. You wake up in your own bed, in your own city. How big is your city?
  2. Its the middle of the night, and you hear a scratch on your own bedroom door. Your reaction?
  3. You look quickly around the room for a weapon. Your first choice?
  4. You hear groans and stratches coming from your front door, Your not sure if it will hold till morning. What do you do?
  5. You have a choice of two vehicles in your driveway. No matter the choice you have to kill the zombies between you and them. Keep in mind you don't know if you can stop for gas.
  6. Your vehicle has just run out of gas. A decent size group of zombies is shuffleing in your direction. They don't seem to have noticed you yet. What do you do.
  7. You notice two local police officers have just exhausted there ammo and there is still three zombies closeing in. The gunshots probably alerted more zombies.
  8. While scavenging at a local supermarket you find a small group of survivers. One looks sick but you can't see any bites or scratches. You see what looks like a cut on her forearm. The group assures you it was from a piece of glass.
  9. You have accumulated a small group of your own. They will follow your lead to the letter. There is a large horde of zombies closeing in from behind. The streets ahead of are crawling with the infected.
  10. You have arrived at a boarded up science building. There is a large chainlink fence surrounding the place and armed guards posted. The scientist that greets you seemed off somehow... But they claim to have the answer to infection.
  11. It appears the last test of this epidemic is at hand. In a struggle with a zombie you got scratched on your wrist.

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