Are you cut out for a zombie attack

Are you just as much of a beast as your zombie fighting predecessors. Find out by taking this zombie survival (basic knowledge) quiz to see if you qualify among the greats.

I based this quiz off of Max Brooks's zombie survival guide. Even though some of the questions are humorous all are relevent to say the least. Take this quiz seriously!!!

Created by: Levi BigEagle

  1. How many people are in your ideal survival group
  2. Choose the safest place
  3. pick your hand to hand weapon
  4. pick a fire arm
  5. a zombie grabs you by the wrist what do you do
  6. how far can you run
  7. How is your aim
  8. a dear friend is bitten what would you do
  9. where do you aim for on a zombie
  10. what vehicle will you choose to flee in
  11. The most valuable member in your group is a...
  12. Your group raids a super market what type of food do you grab

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Quiz topic: Am I cut out for a zombie attack