How will your zombie adventure end?

There are many different takes on the classic zombie tale, whether you actually believe something of the sort could happen or you refuse to believe in anything like it, there is still a little glimmer of hope that if it did happen, you would survive.

In this quize you will see just how your experience with the undead would pan out, based on the predicaments I put you in, and how you choose to go about handling them.

Created by: Brittany

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  1. You're at home and you're awaken by the sound of sirens outside your window. When you get up to look you see plumes of smoke in the distance billowing into the sky. You go down stairs and nobody else is home. You imediatly,
  2. It's been a few days of you staying hunkered in side your house like the news says to, but after it becomes evident that nothing is changing you gather things you think you'll need and head out of the house at mid day. You go to...
  3. You find some food and water that is easy for you to carry and will last you long enough but a small group of people (three or four, around your age) of Guys and Girls stops you, asking you where you are going. You say...
  4. After some talking with the group you've come to the conclusion that travling with a few people is better than alone and you join them. You are,
  5. It's been a few weeks and you've become quite close with the people who accompany you. You've made it to the other side of your state with minor injuries, thankful that the people you travel with are smart. The zombie encounters havve been minimal but now comes the question of foods. When you scavenge you gather...
  6. On your way back to gathering food you encounter a cluster of zombies in your path. They see you first because you were preoccupied with situating your back pack but they graon loudly and call your attentio to them. You...
  7. One of your friends gets grabbed from behind and you turn in time to shoot it in the head before it takes a chunk out of their neck. You grab your friend and move backwards, aiming for the heads when you realize it's to dangerous to dawdle any further. You shout,
  8. In the midst of everything you're focusing on,
  9. You get seperated from your group and you run down the street a couple hundred feet before you look around, panting slightly as you look for anything that may help the situation.
  10. You see your close friend being chased by a pack of zombies. Your heart racing you look to the spot you were heading seconds before, then look back to your friend...

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Quiz topic: How will Ir zombie adventure end?