Your zombie-survival strategy

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Zombies. You probably don't think they're possible in real life, right? Well the truth is with modern technology such as nanobots they will be soon. You probably think suvivalism is for compleate nutjobs, but when the grid goes down it can save your life.

How does survivalism work? Though a misture of Altruism (Selflessly helping others)and self-preservation one can be expected to survive anything, even the zombie menace. think you've got what it takes? We'll see . . .

Created by: Aceamc

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  1. How good are you with guns.
  2. Today the news stations are in an uproar. Zombies have become real! What do you do?
  3. The zombies have currently surrounded you and your fellow survivors. You seek themporary shelter in:
  4. You realize you need to move out of the city. Your mode of transportation is:
  5. Your destination is:
  6. Along the way you find more survivors, so you take:
  7. You find a town on the way so you stock up on supplies. You take:
  8. You also find a bookstore along the way, so you take:
  9. You find yor settlement and begin farming, but a siege of zombies begins. What do you do?
  10. During this siege, which your group has survived, you are bitten. To kope with this, you:

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Quiz topic: My zombie-survival strategy