Z day survival quiz

There are many games and movies out their we watch and play with zombies in them. But what are your chances of surviving a real apocalypse? test your zombie knowledge and survival results here!

You may think your a zombie expert but that can change. You may think you can kill a hoarde of zombies with duel pistols but this isnt a game. You need skill and guts to survive this quiz.

Created by: Bigmoneymill
  1. 1: you wake up one day and see on the news that their are people attacking other people. You do:
  2. Your weapon of choice is?
  3. Your place to survive at?
  4. your granade of choice?
  5. Your serounded by 100 zombies and you have six choices for escape whats your choice?
  6. How many servivors you got with you?
  7. Cloathing?
  8. melee weapon?
  9. your friend a zombie wut u gonna do?
  10. your backup plan because your stupid friend opened up the door.
  11. Final question:you got one choice... chose wisely...
  12. The real final question! what do you think is your chance of serviving
  13. The absolute last question i swear. how do you killa zombie

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