zombie survival qhiz will you live?

Can you survive zombies? Take this quiz to figure it out :3 It will give you your score based on your chance of survival.

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? This is the quiz to try. I hope you get a high score, otherwise you will be zombie chow.

Created by: name

  1. out of these weapons which one?
  2. which one?
  3. your in a group which is the best transportation?
  4. how do you kill a zombie?
  5. zombie pops out you_____
  6. which one?
  7. your in need of help so you try to go across a bridge to get to another colony of survivors but theres a barricade of 300 or so zombies?
  8. which is bestest place to be
  9. your friends infected you_____
  10. which place is best to be your base?

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Quiz topic: Zombie survival qhiz will I live?