Preparing for a zombie out-break

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Are YOU a survivor? Will you survive the out-break? A survivor is someone who die the first few day of it. You must be able to shot a gun, equip properly, and be able to shoot zombies in the head! (And also make allies)

Survival is not an easy thing, but with my survival guide, you will learn how to survive a zombie infection out-break. You will recieve questions from what to wear and equip and situations from making allies to killing zombies! Please don't be mad with your out-come if it's bad.

Created by: Simon

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  1. First your putting on armor, what of the following do you pick?
  2. You come across someone who was a gun-dealer before the infection, and he's kind enough to give you a free weapon. Which do you pick?
  3. You come across an abandoned automobile dealer, and it has a crazy big selection of vehicles. Which of the following do you choose?
  4. Your in a desert, and a big group of survivors have started a settlement that seems very safe. But when you try to enter their leader stops you and says, "100 Dollars". What do you do?
  5. Your in a small town with a grocery store, but it looks like there are 5-10 zombies in there. You must decide what to do because there's a storm coming.
  6. Your on the road and a bus full of well armed people come by, they offer to take you for free, but you have a bad feeling that they're going to rob you, what do you do?
  7. You find that there is a split road, they both go to your destination, but one is faster, but very dangerous and the other is much safer, but will add 1 or 2 more day to your trip. Decide
  8. You find some crakers on the ground and you want to eat them, they're open, but the crakers themselves are wrapped. You could be infected, will you feast on them or not?
  9. Your with a friend and your fighting zombies, your friend is bitten and the infection is spreding rapidly in his body, what do you do?
  10. Amagine Question 11 again, but this time not only has your friend been bitten, but you have too. What will you do?

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