Are you a survivor?

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We go through things in life and how we choose to pick ourselves back up defines our inner strength. The PEACH Project believes that we should all embrace our inner survivor and let it find it's way to our exterior. Find out what your survivor status is.

There are times in our lives that impact us in such a way that it can make us or break us. The fact that you are taking this quiz means you have choosen to make it. You are already a survivor!

Created by: Amanda Beckmann
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  1. Has there ever been a period of time in your life that you wish you could redo?
  2. Are you proud of the person you are today?
  3. Have you set strong boundries for yourself?
  4. Are you in a healthy relationship?
  5. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable in a conversation, what best describes how you react?
  6. How often do you do something nice for yourself?
  7. How do you react when a friend has insulted you?
  8. Which word best describes your personality?
  9. Can you now honestly say that you can recognize the "red flags" in a bad relationship?
  10. How long have you considered yourself a survivor?
  11. Do you have children?
  12. Do you blame yourself for the bad things that happen to you in life?
  13. Are you involved in a community organization that helps others?
  14. Have you been a victim of a crime?
  15. The PEACH Project integrates domestic violence awareness into the medical community. Would you be offended if your doctor asked you if you were being abused by a partner today?
  16. Do you think it is important for physicians to take a stand against domestic violence?
  17. How valuable do you believe having access to community resources will be in encouraging victims of domestic violence to leave unhealthy relationships?
  18. Have you personally been a victim of domestic violence in your lifetime?

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