GoToQuiz Survivor - Season 1 ~*~The Test~*~

GoToQuiz Survivor, hosted by none other than Timothy4444 is a game based off of the Tv show 'Survivor.' It's been going for almost a month now, with plenty of surprises!

But now it's time to see just how well you know the games! Test your knowledge, and find out just how much attention you've been paying to the game. Let the games begin...

Created by: SugerCube

  1. How many users originally signed up for the games, before the teams were chosen?
  2. Who suggested 'Apropaho' as the Apropaho tribe name?
  3. What was the title of the third immunity challenge?
  4. During the Mystery Auction, what item was the FIRST up for auction?
  5. How many votes were made for Weaux, at Tribe Tikiano's first tribal council?
  6. Who was the original leader of Tribe Apropaho?
  7. Who was the seventh person to sign up for GoToQuiz Survivor?
  8. Who was the last person voted out of GoToQuiz Survivor?
  9. GoToQuiz Survivor is currently hosted by who?
  10. Which tribe lost the third immunity challenge first?

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