What has GoToQuiz Become?

I see GoToQuiz now, I see GoToQuiz when I found it. I wish I could go back and love GoToQuiz as I did then. Of course, I still love it, but, well read on.

In this quiz I will be talking about GoToQuiz, and, apologise but you could say I'm reciting my life story to make my point clear. If you are bewildered and interested by my words, read on.

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. What has GoToQuiz become?
  2. When I found GoToQuiz, it was perfect. Everybody was sociable, made quizzes or stories, the occasional message to fans, and practically no spam quizzes from anyone.
  3. When I got an account, it was similar. I made a quiz about Howrse, there were no bugs, I was great.
  4. Then, when I made another quiz, I accidentally made a new account, with the same username. So I tried to link my Howrse quiz, but found a bug. Oh dear stage one of GoToQuiz downfall was then.
  5. Okay, so, I soon forgot that bug and focused on making quizzes and stories. It was my summer holidays so I had lots of time. Then, oops! GoToQuiz showed me the dating forums. People use them to try and get dates, rather than discussing relationship and dating quizzes and RELEVANT topics.
  6. Then, I began to browse other quizzes more, I saw awful quizzes. Hate quizzes, combat spam comments, swearing, cyber bullying, and general hate. Fail number three.
  7. Then, woopy doo, I saw that some people use new accounts to hate. Of course, I knew that this had been reported, many times, but GoToQuiz fails to take any measures to prevent it, letting users have as many accounts as they like. But the bigger problem is hate quizzes should be deleted, all of them.
  8. I found a forum topic about bugs. There were fifty pages of complaints ranging from bug to hate. It disgusted me, so many were the same, what is done about them? Oh yeah, zilch. Zero. Nothing. The complaints are the same for crying out loud!
  9. Then, all of a sudden there were about a million 'I want to level up' quizzes. One day, every quiz on the new quizzes list was a level up quiz, and I mean EVERY single one. Ugh.
  10. Next, there came the gibberish, nonsensical quizzes. Ones where the title didn't fit the questions, or the results were completely inaccurate, or they were meaningless to a 'wide audience'.
  11. Then came the text talk. The, c u L8er, r u goin? The complete rubbish. The stuff you report. The stuff that makes you cringe. There is a time and place for text talk, in a text. Not GoToQuiz.
  12. Invasion of the seven minutes in heaven came next. I have no problem with them actually, it's harmless fun and gets a bit of attention. What I'm against is the ones where the results are completely inappropriate. The stuff you don't want younger children to see. Because lets face it, despite not being allowed to join if you're under fifteen, children use their older relatives accounts or fake their age. And some of it is technically inappropriate for my age group. It should be R18 content. Some of it is fine I grant you, but the extent this goes to...*shivers*
  13. {short story} I woke up and hit my alarm. Saturday, homework done on Friday, free weekend. I know, I thought, I'll go on GoToQuiz and read someone's quizzes, maybe post some more Hogwarts! I turned on my laptop and waited for it to load. *new email* Hi (insert my name here) you on GoToQuiz? Look at the trash on the front page! Sally. I opened GoToQuiz from the bookmarks toolbar. New quizzes list, I want to level up, how old are you? (gibberish) etc. today's best movers, what flavour of ice cream are you? (completely random and made no sense) I have period problems (inappropriate for this site, it's not social networking!) On the bottom of the new quizzes list I saw what looked like a hate quiz. I turned away by my curiosity got the better of me. I wished I hadn't clicked it. Full of hate for the amazing Aria. I sighed and clicked on my email tab. Hi Sally, i see what you mean, what has it come to?! Did you see the text talk and dating and relationship forums? Talk to you later, (notice NO text talk) (insert my name here). I sent the email and logged onto Howrse. As expected, it was free from hate and the horrors I'd just witnessed. I smiled to myself, why couldn't GoToQuiz be more like Howrse? Howrse used to be just like that, but it made its rules clear and well know and issued punishments and software to prevent hate. After finishing my game fo the day, I wen back to GoToQuiz, I posted another Hogwarts Love Story and saw I had levelled up, without the need for a level up quiz! I sighed seeing all of the rubbish on GoToQuiz, I sighed and logged off. I Skyped Sally and she too was furious. {there my short sort ends}
  14. The story in the last question was what happened one Saturday. Sally is my friend, my best friend. I'm not revealing my name though.
  15. Here my lovely rant ends, fun wasn't it? No? I agree, I hated doing it but I needed to get it out of my system! Hope you don't mind? *big puppy eyes* Anyway, I apologise if here are any spelling or grammar mistakes, it's unedited. If you want to get to know me, then email me at sally.k.rivers(@)aol(.)com without the brackets. It's not my name or Sally's email, it not her name either, it my favourite name so don't ask! J'adore!

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