You Broke My Heart And Set Me Free

Ok so this isn't my first quiz, but I haven't written that many. This is though, by far, my best yet! My twin sis and I are addicted to gotoquiz and we love making and reading quizzes! Please let me know of some of your fav quizzes! I'd love to check them out!

About the quiz, so yeah you only meet one of the 3 guys in the results in this quiz, but it was getting kinda long. I'll introduce the others in part two for sure so please come back! =D you might want to know that in this series your name is Chloe Carson and you have straight brown hair with layers and sparkling blue eyes. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Pink_Zebra
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  1. You just watch his back as he walks away. With each step your heart breaks more and more. He never looks back, he just keeps on walking into the sunset. It was like all those stupid lovey dovey movies you'd seen. The ones where the guy leaves the girl heartbroken and shattered. Only you weren't really completely heartbroken, and the only thing that was shattered was your love for him. Somewhere deep down inside of you another feeling was spreading it's way threw you. That feeling was freedom. You were finally free! You no longer had to love him and fallow him around like a mindless puppy dog. You were free. When you realized that you spun around in excitement. "Goodbye Sam!" you yelled after your ex, a smile creeping across your face. Now that you were free you had the chance to experience the wonders of highschool. No more turning down cute guys, and no more Sam! =D
  2. You were full on smiling now. Turning to run back home all you could think about was what your friends would say when you told them that Sam (your ex) had dumped you. You laughed at the thought of there faces when you would tell them that you were HAPPY that he did! It was getting dark out and you knew your mom was probably starting to wonder where you were, so you picked up the pace. You arrived home in a few minutes, only to find your mom asleep on the couch and your dinner sitting in the kitchen. Shrugging you heated up your dinner (it had gotten cold) and sat down at the diningroom table to eat it. When you'd finished you put your plate in the dishwasher and headed upstairs to bed.
  3. When you were halfway upstairs your mom woke up and asked you groggily, "did you have fun with Sam?" "well he broke up with me." you reply smiling a little. "What?!?! Honey I'm so sorry!" "Don't be! I'm actually happy that he did, I was getting kinda tired of only having one guy in my life!" you explained. "really? That's great then! Well I'll see you in the morning. Night sweetie!" "night mom!" and with that you climbed the rest of the way upstairs and got in your pjs. Which were...
  4. You can't fall asleep for some reason, so you pick up a book you'd been reading and open to the page where you left off. At first you just stare at the page not even reading the words, but when you do you're shocked. In red ink scrawled across the page in messing handwriting it says, 'stay away from the one with speed' What the heck?!?! You think, quickly flipping threw the rest of the book to make sure no one had written on any of the other pages. You shut the book shakily and set it back down on your nightstand. Leaning back on your pillows you find it even harder to sleep. Who was 'the one with speed'? And who had written in your book?
  5. When you finally let sleep take you away you dream of the words in the book. They're floating around you circling you, and then your in a dungeon. There's a clanking noise and a man comes up to your cell with a ring of keys. You grab at them but he backs away. He laughs and says something but you can't hear anything. You stand up and rattle the bars of your cell. The man says something more and takes out a shiny needle. Your eyes widen and you step back but not soon enough. He jabs the needle into your arm and you fall to the ground writhing in pain. The pain spreads threw your body and soon you're screaming. It feels like every bone in your body is broken, and your skin is on fire. You drop into unconsciousness, but the pain stays, eating away at your very existence.
  6. You wake up sweating, and shivering. You're covers were all twisted up at the end of the bed and your pillows were on the ground beside your bed. You must have really had a restless night. Sitting up you look down at yourself checking to make sure your ok, and realizing that it was only a dream. Still shaking you get up and make your bed. When it looks decent enough you head to the bathroom to take a quick shower and get ready for your job at Pet Smart. Since it summer you have the first shift, and you can't be late. When you get out of the shower you get dressed in your favorite outfit and pin your Pet Smart nametsg to your shirt. Checking the time you realize you've slept, which is unusual so you won't have time to walk to work. You sprint downstairs to catch your mom before she leaves for her job at the local music store McCalls. "Mom!" you yell as you reach the first floor. Your mom is slipping on her shoes and jumps at the sound of your voice. "Oh! Gees honey I thought you'd left already!" she said as if to explain why she was surprised. "I slept in a little, can you give me a ride to work?" you ask in a rushed voice. "of course! Of course." your mom replies all to quickly and grabs her keys. "Great!" you exclaim and race out to the car.
  7. You slide into the passenger seat of your moms mini-van, (a mini-van? Are you kidding me? Me: sorry...) and shut the door behind you with a slam. Your mom gets in the driver's seat and starts the car. You pull out of the driveway and before you know it your at work. "thanks mom!" you yell after her as she drives away, leaving you standing outside of Pet Smart. Entering the store you realized you're 10 minutes early so you decide to get some coffee and donuts from Dunkin Donuts, which is right next door. You get your breakfast in record time and still have 5 minutes to spare before your shift starts. Deciding that 5 minutes is nothing you start your shift behind the counter.
  8. You rang up a few customers, but since it was early and it was a weekday there weren't that many people coming in and out of Per Smart. It was kinda quiet and lonely in the store so you put on some music. You put on... (I know this is short but it's about to get longer so don't worry!)
  9. When your shift is halfway over your phone rings and you scramble to answer it before another customer comes up. "Hello?" you say into your phone. "hey is this Chloe Carson?" (that's your name) a voice on the other end asks. "Yes, what can I do for you?" you reply. "There's been an accident. Your mother is dead. We need you to come and clarify that it's her." the voice says. Your mind goes blank and you let out a sob. You didn't think you could manage to say anything after hearing that, but somehow you do. "W-where?" you ask. Your voice is choked up and cracks. "Highway 64, just past the interstate." "I-I'll be there s-s-soon." you say and hang up crying. You text your boss telling her that you're sorry you have to leave work but there is something important you have to do and you'll explain later. You then make sure that no more customers are in the store and you lock up. Sprinting towards the highway you try to stop the tears, but you can't. You know that it might not even be your mom, but it's someone's. Probably yours since they called you. When you make it to the scene of the car crash. They police asked you to take a look inside of what looked like your mom's mini-van. When you did you fell to your knees crying full on tears now. It was your mom.
  10. You barely feel strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you back. You don't acknowledge the 'sorrys' or pats on the back. You just keep crying. Finally someone takes you away, the put you in a car and you stare blankly out the window. Your tears are all gone, and you've just sort of gone into hibernation. Sometime you fall asleep. **Time Forward** you wake up in a room that you don't recognize, you start to panic, and you scream. You hear footsteps and a someone bursts into the room. It's a guy. He has spiked up blond hair and piercing blue eyes. "you ok?" he asks, and he sounds a little breathless like he ran all the way here. Suddenly everything from the other day (yes you slept for the rest of the day and all night) comes back to you all at once, and you start crying all over again. You pull your knees up to your chest and lay your forehead on the, still crying hard. The guy comes over and hugs you close. "It's ok Chloe. You're safe here." safe? You think. My mom DIED yesterday and you're worried about me being safe?!?! "Wh-who a-are you?" you manage to ask in-between sobs. "I'm Fransisco." that's all he says. No explanation just a name. He holds you while you cry a little longer, and eventually fall asleep again. Crying really exhausts you.
  11. Ok that's it for part one, and yes there will be more guys! You haven't met them all yet even though there are 3 of them in the results =D I hope you liked it and please come back for part two! Thanks! Oh and I'd love to here what you thought of it and how I can improve my writing so please oh please comment! (I also want to be able to brag to my twin sis about how many comments I get lolz)

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