Are you really over him?

He might have been your total dream guy. Maybe you didn't even go out. But they have diff ways of breaking your heart. Or maybe you broke his heart? Anyway, being with someone you really like is amazing

But when it's over, it gets really hard. At first, you might feel like you still like him. But that does depend on who did the breaking up. If you wanna find out how you really feel, try this quiz. But don't get pissed if you don't get what you feel. It's a quiz, jeez.

Created by: Whatevahh.
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  1. When you look at him, you kinda wish he was yours.
  2. He still takes your breath away when you look at him.
  3. Okay, so he's got a new girlfriend. What's your reaction?
  4. He's got his arm around her. And he looks pretty happy.
  5. Now they're kissing.
  6. He's spotted you staring and actually rolls his eyes.
  7. Now he's walking toward you.
  8. Okay, so he wasnt walking towards you.
  9. Hell, he and his girlfriend are fighting.
  10. OMG he's asked you out again!

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Quiz topic: Am I really over him?