Do you have a wild heart?

Welcome to my quiz! In this quiz, you will find out which of 3 types of heart you have: Adventurous, Wild or Domesticated. You may have a different type of heart, in which case it will be listed as Other.

So, what type of heart do you have? A simple 12 question quiz can help you to find every answer you need, as well as some time-busting tips in the results based on the type of heart you have. Enjoy!

Created by: Lil Kitty
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  1. Let's get this question over with. Is your favorite color A (black) B (green) C (gray) or D (other)?
  2. Next question: Which of these elements do you like best? A (earth) B (water) C (fire) or D (air)?
  3. Do you prefer A (winter nights) B (summer nights) C (winter days) or D (summer days)?
  4. Which of these places would you rather live in? A (desert), B (forest) C (mountain range) or D (cave)?
  5. Which of these would you rather be given for your birthday? A (flowers) B (chocolates) C (an ornament) or D (shoes)?
  6. What grades did you get in elementary and middle school?
  7. 1+1=
  8. 9+10=
  9. Will you comment and rate?
  10. Last question! Did you enjoy? (Doesn't affect score)

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Quiz topic: Do I have a wild heart?