The Dark Knight Trivia Quiz

There have been many incarnations of Batman over the decades, but some would argue that The Dark Knight, the latest film in the franchise starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, is the best to date. To commemorate the release of this epic blockbuster, we've put together a 15-question quiz to test your ability to recall details about this movie.

Remember, this quiz is specifically for fans who have already seen The Dark Knight, and all questions refer to this film (not the comics, TV shows, or any other movie)! If you have not yet seen it, rush out to your local theaters to catch an awesome flick and avoid any spoilers. But if you have seen it, then tap into your brain and see what Batman trivia you have retained.!

Created by: jarrod
  1. What does the Joker disguise himself as in his first onscreen appearance?
  2. According to Lucius, what modification to the Batsuit will make Bruce more vulnerable to knife attacks?
  3. What Batman Begins actor reprises his role in a brief cameo?
  4. What does the Joker make disappear in his so-called "magic trick"?
  5. What does Alfred do with Bruce's letter from Rachel?
  6. According to the first story the Joker tells about his scars, who gave him the distinctive marks?
  7. What vehicle does the Joker set on fire in order to divert the prisoner convoy carrying Harvey Dent?
  8. Whose name is the secret code that shuts down Bruce's microwave spy network?
  9. Which gemstone figures prominently into Alfred's story about a bandit he once hunted in Burma?
  10. In addition to himself and Batman, whom does Harvey hold responsible for Rachel's fate during his final scene?
  11. Who is Bruce Wayne's alter ego?
  12. Who was Harvey Dent referred to as by the other policemen in the department?
  13. What is the name of Bruce Wayne's Butler?
  14. What did the joker tell the robbers to do in the beginning of the movie?
  15. Where does Bruce Wayne live in this movie?

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