Why So Serious? Quiz over "The Dark Knight"

The highly-acclaimed thriller "The Dark Knight" has captured millions with top-of-the-line performances from Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale. Now it's time to put your memory to the test. How much do you recall about the details of characters' best quotes, their quirks, and the Batman's skills? Let's find out!

Are you a semi Batman fan or a true fanatic? Put your thinking cap on, it's time to relive the best scenes of the Oscar-Nominated film "The Dark Knight" in this 10 question quiz.

Created by: Jordan
  1. How many different explanations does the Joker give about the scars on his face?
  2. Bruce jokes about Harvey's campaign slogan. What was that slogan?
  3. What injures Batman in the beginning of the movie?
  4. The Joker's first big scene is in an underground location when he's offering to kill Batman for the mob. He asks them if they want to see a magic trick. What does he make "disappear"?
  5. In the end of the movie, we finally are enlightened to why the movie is called the "Dark Knight". Who turns out to be "The Dark Knight" they're referring to?
  6. Who does this quote belong to? "I'm a man of my word!"
  7. During the fundraiser scene, Bruce is alerted that Harvey is in danger. He grabs Harvey and takes him to a panic room. Bruce used his _____ to open the secret panic room door.
  8. The Joker threatens to blow up a ____ if the man on the news station wasn't murdered in 60 minutes.
  9. True of false: There is a scene where the Joker has no face paint at all on his face.
  10. Bruce introduces a famous ballet dancer to Harvey and Rachel during dinner. Where is the dancer from?

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