What kind of Knight are you?

Knights are the most honorable men of history, dedicating their lives to their lords and their church. Duty and honor, the code of chivalry dictates their ways of life. They are the finest of soldiers, the most courageous of men, and yet they are only men. The crusades, a period that is often frowned upon by our modern church, gave birth to countless of the finest knights our world has ever known.

What kind of crusader knight are you? Are you the secretive, yet ever so powerful Templar? Or are you the intelligent and extraordinarily ambidextrous Hospitaller? Or are you the powerful and proud Teutonic Knight? Thanks to this quiz, you will know once and for all, what military order would have drafted you during the crusades!

Created by: Derek
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  1. In the holy city of Acre, you have set up a military base of operations and are given several choices. With the limited amount of gold you have, you can hire and train one of a few forces. The first one is a very large army of peasants. The second is a ve
  2. After a brutal day of bloody combat, you have finally broken the enemy's spirit and they are retreating. You order your cavalry to cut them off, and a large number of these infantry surrender immediately. Your cavalry ride down any resistance, then ask fo
  3. You are marshaling a force of two hundred mounted knights. They have been through countless battles with you, and they are your finest troops. You spot an enemy army in the distance, made up of several thousand infantry. What do you do?
  4. You've led your force of veteran knights through the desert for the last week. You now find yourself surrounded by a vastly superior army. Your men, who could have broken and fled to safety, decide to stay at your side. The enemy has many infantry, but fe
  5. Building a castle has never been easy, but for some reason your lord has charged you, a novice in this particular department, to build a castle near Acre. You don't really know how to start, but the land you and your men are now viewing seems to have seve
  6. The church has informed you that your brother, a knight in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, has been seen speaking with enemy assassins. The bishop believes this is a plot of assassination against King Baldwin, and that your brother is some sort of spy. He charg
  7. Compared to the previous questions, this one should seem quite complicated. What is your favorite color?
  8. What is your weapon of choice?
  9. Do you fear death?
  10. What is your innermost ambition?

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