What kind of ace are you?

This quiz is for fun so don't sweat it, it just tells you what kind of Ace Pilot you are. It doesn't matter to me, I make quizes for fun. But hey, make this an extrodanary experiance for you O.K.? Good!!! :)

Are you a Mercenary? Or a Knight? Maybe a Soldier. If none, you'll find out what you are. I won't tell you because you might get mad. So all will be revealed to you soon enough Si~? :)

Created by: Cipher
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. An ally is going to get shot down!!! But you have an escort to help, what will you do?
  2. AA guns are shooting at you to protect the targets, you...
  3. Out of missiles, what is you wishes?
  4. Do you have good depht perception
  5. What jet do you like?
  6. Everyone in your team is down, you want to...
  7. You are asked on a deadly mission, will you go?
  8. How many wing-mates do you want?
  9. Which category does you first letter of your first name start with?
  10. What is your body style?

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Quiz topic: What kind of ace am I?