What Kind Of Vet Are You?

Many people want to be vets but which kind of vet are you? From marine to every animal you'll find out. Would you rather want to be a Marine vet? A Arctic vet? A cool vet? An animal vet? Which one? Many choices await you.

You get to choose your way and if you like your vet keep studying on that kind of vet thing and maybe you'll become that type of vet!! I want to be a vet and to my surprise ill see what I am!

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  1. What would you rather be a vet for?
  2. Would You Rather take care of horses or sea lions?
  3. Would you rather sunrise, midnight, sunset?
  4. Its midnight, you're walking through a forest pitch black, and rocks keep hitting you in the shoulder. You're alone, with your best friend and they swore they didn't do it, then you look and a rock hits you in the eye, but it was a pebble and your best friend sees something furry to your side... You look up and shout/say...
  5. You would rather kill.
  6. What's your favorite animal?
  7. There's a cat, right there...
  8. Why'd you take this quiz?
  9. Almost done...
  10. REady!!!

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Vet am I?