Are you kind, cold, or in between?

Are you kind? Are you cold? Or are you in between the two? Are you an angel or the burden everyone around you has to carry? Or are you just an ordinary person?

Take my short little quiz to find out if you are kind, cold, or in between! Just answer each question that you would most likely do. Hope you like, now start!

Created by: Emalie
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  1. Somebody just stepped on your new, expensive shoes. They apologize sincerely. You...
  2. You see somebody crying. You
  3. Would you give money to charity?
  4. Somebody unattractive asks you out. What would you do?
  5. Do you find enjoyment in hurting people's feelings?
  6. Would you steal your best friend's boy/girlfriend?
  7. If you dislike someone greatly, you
  8. Your good friend really needs to borrow some money. Do you lend it?
  9. When someone sneezes, what do you do?
  10. When someone sneezes, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I kind, cold, or in between?