How would you spend your anime day?

I know lots of people love anime,well this quiz is made just for them.See what kind of anime chracter you are.Are hyperactive like naruto,ginta,and bobobo.Or are a cold person,but is really nice like gaara,donpatch,and more.You can be as sweet as hinata.or overconfident like your other heros find here.

Are you worthy of becoming a hero/heroine in the anime world?Prove it.By taking this test.You can one day be the world's greatest hero/heroine and have your own animated series.But first you have to show us what you got.

Created by: BDSGALS

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  1. You wake one morning and you see your little brother sitting on your stomach and tells you to get up,you:
  2. You rush to get dressed for school and your late,you do:
  3. You meet your friends at school and they ask why you're late,you:
  4. The teacher hands out a pop quiz and a student starts to complain,you:
  5. BOYS:at recess a girl walks up to starts to flirt with you,you: GIRLS:at recess a guy trys to look up your dress,do you:
  6. In the sky you see a bright light appear,do you:
  7. The white light beams at you and you pass out and you wake up in the middle of a field,and a cat like guy/girl runs into you and lands on top of you,do you:
  8. Then you see a giant robot chasing them and they grab your hand and run,do you:
  9. Say you did hide and you see the cat-person in jured,you:
  10. They tell you their name and take you to their village,and when you get there you people crowd them and they your their husband/wife,you:
  11. They tell you that your their next warrior and have to them,you:
  12. The cat-person gives you a good luck kiss,you:
  13. The robot returns and they kinap the cat-person,you:
  14. You fail to beat them and are given a weapon,you:
  15. You save them and the day,you return home with a story to tell,do you feel like a hero/heroine?

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Quiz topic: How would you spend my anime day?