How anime are you?

Um, I was really bored, and this is kinda asking how much of an anime person are you, and are you likely to be an anime character. Hope you atleast are nice enough to try the test out.

So are you the anime fangirl/fanguy? If you think you are take the test, if not you can if you want, but nothing bad to say please, I know it sucks and all but come on be more considerate to the others who may like the quiz..u said "May like the quiz" just to remind you

Created by: Ihime

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you normally draw a lot?
  2. Are you in any sports, no running around from sugar rushes are not sports people....
  3. Do you fantasize about being with an anime character often? yes that means you fangirls ^.^
  4. Do you sometimes put on the extra padded bra, so you could look like Orihime, or one of the bigger boobed characters...put no if your a boy, and if you are a boy and you put yes..*cough* you have problems...
  5. I know I have to ask this, it wont effect anything but I get bored what's your FAVORITE anime?
  6. Do you read, write, or do any other hobbies that involve those things?
  7. Hmmmm...
  8. Ok, whats your favorite anime character from this list, if you dont have one here just put other its ok, we won't give you a bad result if you do, yes this deals with anime too...dont judge me people i get bored and I realllllly was so if it doesnt fit th
  9. Do you even watch anime?
  10. Have you ever thought why I made this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How anime am I?