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There are many people who call themselves Anime Experts,but who are they trying to fool???? So I came up with quiz. I'm curious to find how many can reach the level of ANIME EXPERT You know the true Anime Expert.

So are you an Anime Expert or just one of the wanna be's walking around saying things like oh Inu Yasha's a cat demon instead of half dog demon.Which isn't funny at all!!! At least I don't think,And I know Inuyasha doesn't either!!!!!!!!

Created by: Amanda

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  1. Saiyuki: What is Sanzo's weapon of choice?
  2. Saiyuki:If you have have red hair and red eyes what are you called?
  3. Saiyuki:What piece of jewelry is Hakkai's power limiter?
  4. Saiyuki:What part of Gojyo's face has the scars?
  5. Saiyuki:Why does Sanzo hate the rain?
  6. Pretear:What is the name of the Knight of Sound?
  7. Pretear:Who was the Puppet of Darkness?
  8. Pretear:Who helped Himeno train in the begining?
  9. Pretear:What brought Himeno back to life?
  10. Pretear:What did Himeno's father keep making statue's of and naming them after her?
  11. Fruits Basket:What animal of the zodiac is Tohru a fan of?
  12. Fruits Basket:How many of the zodiac (including the cat) did Tohru meet?
  13. Fruits Basket:What was Tohru staying in before she started to live with the Soma's?
  14. Fruits Basket:What animal was Kisa?
  15. Fruits Basket:In the game Fruits Basket what was Tohru chose as?
  16. Yu Yu Hakusho: What is Kurama's human name?
  17. Yu Yu Hakusho:Which of the four Saint Beasts did Yusuke defeat?
  18. Yu Yu Hakusho:In the Dark Tournament, Who was the first person Yusuke defeated?
  19. Yu Yu Hakusho:Who is Hiei's sister?
  20. Yu Yu Hakusho:When did Kuwabara discover his Spirit Sword?

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