Do you spend too much?

Many people go buying, some spend only a few, some spend their whole paycheck in one day! Maybe you are either one, maybe you're in the middle! Try this test, it'll show the outcome. You will find out where you are placed in this quiz.

Do YOU spend too much? This test may help you to see if you do spend a bit too much. This will help to give you a better opportunity in the future by showing you how much you spend. Maybe you should think about it and take this quiz.

Created by: Tommy
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  1. Do you spend too much time at malls?
  2. Do you like to buy lower-priced clothing?
  3. what do you do when you found some clothes that you've been looking for for over 9 months but are in the range of $180 to $250?
  4. How often do you buy video games / or for others: how often do you buy makeup?
  5. On average... What are the usual prices you buy your stuff?
  6. do u shop at expensive stores in big malls?
  7. Define yourself
  8. Shoot.. I dropped my.. (newly bought something)
  9. You: COME WITH ME TO THE MALL friend: nahhh.. you: i will pay you.. [______] if you come
  10. What was the cost of the last thing you bought? ( try to remember )

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Quiz topic: Do I spend too much?